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Well it's 4.30am and I have been awake since 2am. I'm really tired but my brain won't switch off. Our house sale should be completed within 3 weeks or so, but we keep getting ridiculous emails from our solicitor asking for more information. The latest amongst other questions was to provide a copy of conveyancing for 1964! Amazingly I managed to find it :lol: who knew???? My husband emptied the loft today...why do we keep such a lot of rubbish? We moved abroad 5 years ago and had to pack up all the trappings of a family of 5 who had lived in the same house for 22 years. Obviously we had to do serious culling but we still seem to have amassed an awful lot since we came back to the UK.
We have recently returned from a 5 day trip to Venice and I am still paying the price :cry: we went to the same place as last year but this year wasn't much of a success as I had to use my crutch every day. I was in so much pain that I couldn't really enjoy myself. I don't think that I will be able to do such an active holiday again, which depresses me as I'm not a beach lover and I get bored quite easily. It's our 30th wedding anniversary next year so I think a cruise is on the cards as you can do as much or as little as you want and sightsee more or less every other day.
I wish there was a switch I could flick to make me fall asleep now as I will be a zombie for the rest of the day :mrgreen: Hope you all have a good nights rest, Deb


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    Moving house is stressful for anyone, not just those of us with arthritis. I'm not sure whether I'd find a holiday helpful or a hindrance in such circumstances but no wonder you can't sleep with all that going on. I hope you can soon relax a bit.
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    So, on top of selling a house and in the throes of preparing to move you go away for five days - no wonder your brain is fizzing! Mine is at the mere thought of doing any of that, we moved last December after spending most of the year selling three houses and buying one; I can remember the stresses involved and it wasn't an easy time.

    I've been using two crutches every day for a number of years (plus a rollator for longer distances and / or rougher days) so it may be time to increase your walking aid support because that should make life more comfortable. Sleep (or rather the lack of it) is an issue on here for many of us, we know how tough it can be. DD

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