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Hi everyone I'm Steve 46 year old in the uk I have had both hip replaced 7 years ago which were both extremely bad through 30 years of arthritic pain and all is fantastic I never felt so good until earlier this year I had knee pain ct scans pointed to arthritis so as you can imagine I'm back to the beginning
Just thought I say hello


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    Hi there Steve. Hello to you too and welcome :) I'm glad your replacement hips are doing so well but sorry to hear the knee (knees?) has now joined the party. I have two new hips and two new knees but I had RA from age 15.

    I hope we can be of help and support to you. If you've any questions Living With Arthritis is the place to put them. Or just join in anywhere on any thread. Chit Chat is for non-arthritic stuff. I hope to see you around :)
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    Hi Steve
    Welcome to the forum
    Like a lot of people I've had 2 THR's as well but haven't had any knee pain....lots of people will be on that have had.
    With me its tHR's, back, ankle and neck
    Hope you enjoy the forum...Living with Arthritis is the best forum to post on....more people read that.
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    Hello Steve

    We are both new to the forum so I will be seeing you around.

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    Oh bother, so not needed, yes? I have two kinds of arthritis including OA in a number of useful joints and am still waiting for new knees - I've been waiting for three years because I was too young aged 52, so things have deteriorated elsewhere as a result to the point that I'm not sure if I'll bother now. This is what any kind of arthritis does, it spreads but it sounds as though you have been unlucky. I wish you well and please let us know how you get on and what the prognosis is. DD
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    Hello Steve and a warm welcome form me
    I have had one hip replaced and the other one is over due , so understand what you are going through..I have a dread of my knees going, one is on the way the other is behaving..I count myself lucky that I was in my 50s when the pain started ..hopefully you will stay with us then we can offer some support..hope to see you posting more very soon.