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Hi peeps new member here

I am a 32 year old male that's just been diagnosed with ra
As far as I can tell I have it in both knees as they are full of fluid and maybe my feet
Have had trouble in the left knee for about 10 years but only now just started getting it checked out by the specialist should start on methodrexate next week and had a steroid injection that lasted about 3 days. Got sciatica in my back that I was prescribed tramadol that also helps my knees
Got a form for pip to see if I can get help but completly bewildered by it
Don't know if I need to put recent or worst it's ever been because I can still walk but if I get leg lock( you guys now what I'm talking about) then I can't even make it to the toilet without help

So that's about my story so far also if you want to chuck in some help it'll be much appreciated
Cheers david


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    Hi David and welcome aboard :)

    I'm sorry the steroid jab didn't really work for you. They are a lottery. They work well for about 2-3 months for some but virtually not at all for others. Were you told to rest the knee as much as possible for 24 hours? That helps the steroids to stay where they're needed rather than dispersing through the body. Even so, they don't work for all.

    Tramadol is a pain duller so it should help any area that's in pain. The methotrexate, though, is what (hopefully) will get your RA under some control. I take that and hydroxychloroquine and they work well for me.

    I think it's normal to fill in these forms as if it was your worst day but we usually advise people to enlist the help of Citizens Advice Bureau or their local DIAL UK. Both are very helpful.

    Leg lock? Oh yes :roll: I have new knees now but that's not good.

    If there's any info you want just ask and we'll try to help. You'll get more answers on Living With Arthritis as more people look in on there. I hope to see you around :D
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    Hello David
    and welcome to the forum,sorry you are suffering like this, the one good thing to come out of this is the early diagnosis..so hopefully whatever meds they use will help, and you have got us lot to talk to..so hopefully you will stay with us and look forward to seeing you post more very soon..you will get lots of support on here and that really does help..good luck with the PIP.