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Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for me.

I applied for PIP on 30/03/2014, they did not ask me to go for an assessment and I have today received a decision letter stating I have been awarded standard rate mobility and no award for daily living.

I agree with the daily living side as although I do struggle with tiredness it could be a lot worse and I manage.

As for the mobility I am really grateful to have been awarded the standard rate. Since I made my original application though I have realized that where I ticked the option for between 20 and 50 meters, in reality most days I cannot walk up to 20 meters without severe pain. I do take pain medication and manage to walk around a bit but I do know that if I had ticked the correct option originally I would be entitled to the enhanced rate.

The problem is I don't know whether to appeal the decision or submit a change of circumstances form? I don't know whether I could appeal as I technically ticked the wrong box? It isn't really a change in circumstances either so I'm unsure what to do?




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    I'm really not sure as it's a bit unusual. Why not give CAB or DIAL UK a ring for advice?