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Hiya everyone,
I'm 22, been living with rheumatoid arthritis since the age of 14 and until recently stumbling across this forum, had no idea this existed!
As many of you, I've tried numerous drugs and pain relief medications.
Was in remission for an amazing couple of years (lucky I know!) yet RA made a fierce comeback last summer.
Trying out couple of biological drugs, none of which have worked but have an appt thurs so fingers crossed for something new!
Would be great to speak to people who understand the ups and downs of living with this condition without having to justify feeling down or low to them.


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    Hello Newgirl and welcome to the forum.

    I got RA at 15 but I'm now 68 so quite a big age gap there but, on the other hand, I'm well-acquainted with the ups and downs of living with it :lol:

    I haven't actually done many meds. DMARDS weren't an option when I started but I had every NSAID on the market. When one got me throwing up I moved on to the next. (There were no stomach-protectors either.) I think my body was so happy to be offered a proper DMARD it obliged. Currently, I'm on meth and hydroxy and have been for about 14 years. I hope your new biologic works well for you.

    Please join in anywhere you like. Living With Arthritis is the most popular forum. We've just got another young 'newbie' on there – JoJoBionic who's 27.
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    Hello and a warm welcome from me..
    Gosh you are young to be going through all this,sorry I wont be able to advise has I have OA ,but I am a good listener and really do wish you well for Thurs and hope they come up with something to help.
    Any questions just put them in living with arthritis part of the forum :)
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    Hello, it's lovely to meet you and I am pleased (but saddened at the same time) that you have found the forum: it is a very useful place to sound off ask for support and gain informed information from others in very similar boats to yours. I didn't begin my auto-immune arthritis (psoriatic) until I was 37 i(n 1997) but it wasn't officially diagnosed as such until 2006 when my skin helpfully obliged with a bout of P. You name the drug I've more than likely taken it, my current unholy trinity is injected meth, humira and sulphasalazine. I also have OA and fibromyalgia so life is a barrel of laughs all year round - not. :lol:

    I hope we will be able to help with encouragement and support, you only have to ask. Most pleas are posted on the Living with Arthritis board on here, we also undertake 'pocket duties', i.e. if you have to go to an appointment on your own we will come along (cyberly so!) for moral support. I wish you well and hope to see your name here and there around the boards. DD
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    Hey, i was miss diagnosed with anklosing spondylitis and have just been diagnosed with RA. im 28 now but have had it for 10 years.....

    I was on a medicine called enbrel for tha AS, it worked great but it did come with side effects for me, i had a tight chest and was dizzy often, anyway as of last week i have been taking sulfasalazine but have felt really rough since. It feels like it may be a cold, i have had a really runny nose and sore throat, but i may stop taking them for now...

    anyway im a newbie here too.

    hope your all having a pain free day. :)

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    Hi Phil and welcome to the forum :)

    I have RA and have had it for over 50 years but never done any of the anti-/tnfs such as enbrel because DMARDS control mine well. Yours has been an unusual route if you started with enbrel then moved to sulphasalazine (It's usually the other way round) but, I guess, if they initially thought you had AS, that might explain it.

    All meds come with side-effects though not everyone gets them. I've never had sulph but I've also never heard anyone describe such side-effects. It sounds to me as if you simply have a cold. Sulph, like all DMARDS and anti-tnfs, works by depressing our over-active immu ne systems so we are more prone to any infections while on them. (I hope you've had your flu jab.)

    Please don't just take yourself off it. All these meds take some time to work well. If you're unhappy on it then ring your rheumatology helpline for advice. Side-effects can be very unpleasant but, trust me, so are the results of uncontrolled RA.