Osteoarthritis, worried

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Just found out i have Osteoarthritis in my big toe, and I'm really worried as my gp days it's incurable? Surely there must be something that could be done for me?


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    Dear Snoops43,

    Thank you for your post to Helplines. I'm sorry to hear about the osteoarthritis affecting your toe.

    Osteoarthritis is what happens during the process of wearing and repairing in the body. Unfortunately at times the wear may be such that you may have lost some cartilage and that joint ends up not as smooth and pain free as it used to be.

    Although you can't mend most osteoarthritis, often a lot can be achieved by good self management - meaning healthy eating to lose overweight (if necessary) and doing plenty of exercise. Good foot ware would also fall into this too.

    Here are links to our information about arthritis and self management.

    If you'd like a chat or a bit more information, do please ring us or come back to us online.

    Kind regards

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    For that information

    I think I may have Osteoarthritis

    At least that is what my doctor thinks I may have after a brief telephone conversation I have made an appointment to see her next week

    I have pains in my hand joints but no signs of swelling yet. Does it always result in swelling?

    Also if joints in one part of the body are affected does it mean that other joints might also be affected


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    Hi Ken
    I think your doctor’s appointment will be helpful for you, you will then have the opportunity to discuss your symptoms, the doctor can then let you know what’s going on.
    As my colleague mentioned in his response to you, Osteoarthritis can be helped by good self-management.

    You say that you have pain in your hand joints, and ask about swelling. We are not medically trained on the Helpline, though I can say that everyone is different and whether other joints will have Osteoarthritis is pretty individual too, as is swelling.

    Once again do give us a ring on our Helplines: 0808 800 4050 (weekdays 10-4), here we can take the time to talk informally and in confidence, or email [email protected]

    Best wishes