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Driving down our High St. we came to the crossroads where it starts to descend steeply. Blocking our way completely were two young women with two pushchairs plus a babe in arms.

Mr SW didn't like to toot in case he alarmed the little ones but the women were lost in conversation and sublimely oblivious to the car bonnet right behind them. Eventually, Mr SW knocked on the car windscreen, they looked up and, with no acknowledgement or apology, moved onto the pavement.

As they moved I saw that their identical bright yellow fleeces bore the legend DIPPY DOO CHILDCARE.

'Dippy', indeed. I'm not convinced about the 'care'.


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    That's so careless, isn't it? And no doubt the parents of the occupants of the pushchairs will be paying lots of money for the child 'care.'
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    A more apt name may have been Dippy Don't Doo childcare. I'm trying to work out why you would stand in a road with or without a child just to have a chat and why you wouldn't at least be half aware of the possibility of traffic - it must have been a very interesting conversation, wonder if it was suitable for little ears!
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    i was in dial a ride going down a side road when the driver stopped i could see a little boy had kicked his ball in to the road his mother was not watching she was on the phone in front.
    joan xx
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    Mothers who seem more interested in their mobile phones than their children annoy me, Joan.