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I wad diagnosed about 3 years ago with OA in my right hip at the age of 39. I've now been told that I have OA on either side of my spine where it joins my hip but that my left hip is ok. Ive also been referred to the muscular skeletal department. I was wondering if the OA on either side of my spine has a name because I'm not very good at anatomy but i thought that the pelvis touched the spine not the hip. I just want to do some research on it before i go to my first muscular skeletal appointment and I'd like to know how it will eventually effect my body because I am dealing ok with it at the minute. Thanks Karen


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    Dear Karen,

    Thank you for your post to Helplines. I'm sorry to hear about your new diagnosis. I'd just say that this is a lot to take in, so maybe it may take some time for it to make sense.

    I've had a look at a good reference book and I think it may be the sacroilliac joint. If you would like why not email us your details and we can photocopy a good image and send it to you? Also we can include more general information on self managing arthritis at the same time.

    When you contact us at Helplines we are lay people who use a quality checked library and our information mainly focuses on self managing arthritis. But we can't diagnose or give you individual medical advice.

    The core self management guidance for arthritis hinges on doing strengthening exercise (especially for the core muscles in your trunk where your back is affected). And healthy eating to keep body weight down to recommended levels.

    If you feel like talking things over, why not try giving us a call?

    Here are some links



    I hope this is helpful.

    Kind regards

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    Hello, I am an ordinary forum member and when I read your post I immediately thought sacro-iliac joints because both of mine are affected (it's the joint you can feel in your buttock). As I understand it the sacro-iliac joints attach the pelvis to the spine, in my case it's psoriatic arthritis that has affected mine and they've been hurting for years. It's not fun. :wink: I wish you well and hope the muscular-skeletal clinic can give you more information about it and pain-management strategies. DD
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