R.I.P Alvin Stardust

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Alvin Stardust has died of Prostate cancer aged 72, used to be known as Shane Fenton in the 60's. My Coo A Choo.

R.I.P Alvin


  • Megrose489
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    Very sad to read this.
    I met him once, when he was Shane Fenton and living in Mansfield. He used to play at the Palais there in the 1960s.
  • barbara12
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    How sad..I did like most of his music, my era..and remember the black leather very well RIP..
  • bubbadog
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    Another Music Icon gone, Heaven must be rocking with all the music Icons up there! I vaguely remember Alvin Stardust from my parents playing his music also that he was married to actress Lisa Goddard. R.I.P Alvin Stardust.