joint pains all over body

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hi don,t know where to start feeling pain all over my body in every joint bad stomachs headaches like my head is being ripped open tired and weak put can,t sleep. been to doctors and he.s done blood tests which have all come back normal I phoned my doctors yesturday because I started feeling tingling and numbness in my fingers and toes and was told by the doctor that I would have to grin and bare it I,m in so much pain the fought of living like this and seems no one is believing me I have,nt been able to get off the couch for over 2 months now help please I don,t what I,m to do.


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    Hi Marley,

    How are you today?

    I'm so sorry you feel so rough. Has your GP offered you any pain relief or anti-inflammatories to help? I think it might be worth requesting these (but make sure you explain about your stomach problems too). I think it wouldn't be unreasonable to request a referral to a rheumatologist too - blood tests don't always show things up and it might be that a specialist can offer you a bit more help or advice. Is there a different doctor at your practice who could see you? It might be helpful to talk to the Arthritis Care helpline team to see if they have any suggestions 0808 800 4050

    Hey little fighter, things will get brighter
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    Hi Marley
    I am sorry to hear how much pain you are in and how difficult things have been for you particularly when you feel no one believes you. It sounds from your email that you have not had any diagnosis about what your symptoms are. Is the doctor currently doing more investigations to explore the symptoms? I am not sure if you have arthritis or if this is a possibility that is being investigated.

    I know it can be very difficult to return to your GP if your feel they are not listening but it is important that you go back to your doctor to discuss your symptoms and to see what can help to manage the pain while investigations are taking place.

    Our booklet ‘Coping with pain’ may be helpful to you in providing information about pain management and provide ideas that may work for you. You can get this on the link

    Our Coping with emotions booklet may also help as this looks at the difficult feeling you can have when diagnosed or waiting for a diagnosis. You can get this on the link

    You can also call us here on the freephone helpline for some support over the phone. You can talk things through confidentially with one of our helpline team. Our number is 0808 800 4050 (10am – 4pm weekdays).
    I very much hope that this helps.
    Best Wishes