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My hair is falling out!, and my nails are rubbish - they are split all the time and are poor quality- and never grow!.

Is it just me or is it because of my arthritis ?

any advise would be gratefully received.


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    I've read in your replies to others that you are on sulph and cocos in addition to the arcoxia. My hair is thinning (I am 55) so it could be age or it could be the meth I inject, I now use a solid shampoo from Lush which is helping matters a little. My nails are OK because I cosset them, I use Avoplex cuticle oil and OPI Nail Envy. I have PsA which can target the nails, so far mine hasn't. DD
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    I`ve never had any hair fall out, but my hairdresser tells me she`s noticed a difference in texture when she cuts it.

    I can`t help you with the nails, sorry.

    Tezz x
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    Funny enough since starting on arcoxia I've noticed a slight improvement with my nails and hair re- growth ! :-) fingers crossed it carries on improving !! Xx