losing the plot

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So i decided to make some pea and ham soup,after it had been on for a while out comes the spoon so i could taste it for seasoning and so on, it didn't seem to have much flavour to it it so i gave it a good stir and up from the bottom comes the stock cube wrapper ,silly moo i thought so i look in the bin and there on top sits the stock cube and i thought its going to one of those days.
:roll: Mig


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    Oh Mig...thought I was the only one losing it... :lol::lol:
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    :lol::lol: Sorry mig, you are not alone and since I have been taking pred it has got worse, just the other day I went into the fridge for milk and it wasn't there I thought I had totally lost it, where did I eventually find it, in the oven :shock: xx
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    Oh dear. I can't help it, I'm giggling. :lol: Been there and done something similar, teabags in the fridge and the milk in the tea cupboard. DD
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    Thank goodness it`s not just me then! Having hunted all over for my specs the other day I finally realised I was wearing them.

    Has anyone ever used a tea bag instead of a bouquet garni sachet?
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    Sounds like a few possibilities for the cauldron there, mig.
  • applerose
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    :lol::lol::lol: I've started doing things like that. Easy done, I say. :lol:
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    Only last week I was talking to the OH while making him a cup of tea and he says to me 'dear I don't want coffee in my tea!' I thought I had opened the sugar pot when I had opened the coffee pot and was spooning coffee in his mug thinking it was sugar!!
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    I just paid extra attention to the stock cube wrapping whislt I was cooking! :lol: