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Good morning one and all.

I've recently sustained a shoulder injury and it's proving a little devil to heal. I'm having treatment on it by the osteopath and I've also seen my GP and they both agree that the joint is fine and all the damage is in the muscles. Coping ok'ish during the day, but night is a different matter. I can get to sleep with it, but come 2am the pain wakes me up and won't go till I'm up, showered and moving about in the morning. I'm finding heat patches help during the day, but the instructions on the packet say "do not use at night". Is there any logical reason for his? I'm thinking of wearing one at night instead of during the day and I'm sure my arm won't drop off. But does anyone on the forum know otherwise :roll: .

Still sunny here in Essex and so very warm. Sitting typing this with the patio doors open and just wearing a thick blouse (and jeans, of course).

Our lovely son is planning his wedding for next September in two tepees joined together (won't need a posh hat or dress, just a fringed squaw outfit and a feather in my hair). :lol:

Janet xx


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    Sorry about your shoulder, Janet. I don't know what sort of heat patches you mean. There are some which just deliver heat and some which also deliver medication ie voltarol. I'd assume that one has to be careful not to overdose on any medication but, if it's just heat, I think the danger would be of overheating in bed at night. I remember DD posting some months back about a lady who had died as a result of her microwavable 'hottie'. Apparently they continue to heat up when removed from the microwave. My solution would be to ask your local pharmacist for advice on your particular patches.
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    I sometimes turn to the voltarol heat patches for my left shoulder - I broke my upper humerus back in January and sometimes it aches very badly. At night, however, I have been known to wrap a long mohair scarf around the joint, tucking the ends in under my armpit. It provides the warmth but in a safe manner - and greatly entertains Mr DD to boot. :roll: DD
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    I wonder if there is a danger of them bursting and leaking if you laid on them? I know some of the ones I've tried warn against lying on them but don't say why, I suppose there could also be a risk of burning yourself if you did this in your sleep.
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    Thank you stickywicket, dreamdaisy and slosh for your replies. Hadn't thought about the patches bursting. At the moment (19.47) there is no pain at all in my shoulder or arm, but I bet at around 2am there will be. So I'll try rubbing some hot muscle cream into the shoulder and arm instead and put up with the fragrance (or smell) :o .

    Janet xx
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    Hopefully the muscle cream will help to give you a sleep tonight Janet xx
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