You know it's going to be one of those days when . . . .

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. . . . after much contortion, effort, the odd wince and yelp and a bit of panting you stand up to pull up your drawers and find you've put the blasted things on back-to-front. After a few steps around the bedroom I decided I couldn't live with them like that so went through the whole process in reverse and sorted things out.

I then went to buy some paint and another little tester pot, a shade in between the two I already had. I came home, slapped it on the wall and thought 'Hang on, it's not that much different to the other' and it wasn't because it's the same shade: I had put back the one I wanted to try. :roll: DD
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    Oh dear! Can't help thinking of my Mum's saying that things always come in threes and wondering what's next!
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    May I suggest that, for the rest of the day, you refrain from:
    picking up knives
    filling in any important forms
    handling babies

    Just to put your day even more into perspective, Mr SW has just come back from the DIY shop grumbling vociferously because he hadn't managed to get the 'bit' he wanted. They did have it. Trouble was they had them in many sizes and he hadn't measured so would have to return. No pain. No great difficulty. No having to choose between having enough resources to both return and cook dinner tonight. Oh for the problems of the fit and healthy.

    Drawers are normally simple things for a woman but, on the occasions when Mr SW has had to help me with mine, back to front would be a distinct advantage over the 'one leg through the waisthole' method which is his usual habit. I have spoken to an arthritic friend who has the same problem with her own marital dresser. Surely they're not so different to underpants :?
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    Don't worry DD tomorrow is another day and as the song goes Things........can only get better :wink: xx
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    If today starts in a similar fashion maybe you should just go knicker free and hope it's liberating :lol:
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    Thanks to the weather I fear I will be doing a Vivienne Westwood. :wink: Rough start today, I'm hobbling along, somewhat hunched and very hurty. :( DD
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    When the day starts pants-backwards, it's a sure sign I should stay in bed :roll:

    Dropping, falling, ripping, and breaking are sure to follow.

    I was went through an entire day with my shirt on inside out and backwards..... :lol:
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    Oh for sure, Boomer, our lives can become complicated and in the most unexpected ways. :roll: Knicker-donning is one of those things that we all take for granted until we struggle to do that most straightforward of tasks - it can be very frustrating. :x I have also done the inside-out thing with Tshirts and nighties - why wear them the right way round because one can? How very dull! :wink: DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben