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Hiya all new to this like abit of advice not sure what I could be entitled too in regard to dla/pip/blue badge/mobility.
im 35 from nottinghamshire.i have osteoarthritis in both ankles, ive had several operations since the age of 12...had double oss calsis osteotomy at same time :D had triple talor fusion on both feet indivually..then another on left foot to correct previous operation as they trapped my tendons..which was un successful but thats not an issue really.

First thing in a morning I find it difficult to get moving freely..I stand up all day at work ( which surprisngly isnt an issue) but lets say if I sat down for 3secs or 3hours BAM i cant walk...i literally have to drag my right foot along the floor for a good half hour to an hour before I can even lift it to step..I even get a trolley if go to the supermarket just for a 2pint of milk so I xan leisurely secretly drag my foot without ppl noticing..

.i admit on my work breaks i do tend to NOT sit, to avoid the incredible pain& also the embarrassment of ppl asking 'what you done' while im grimacing.
the pain of lifting foot off ground is eye watering and literally takes my breath. I cant begin to explain what the pain feels like.but im sure most of you will know.most days I wish I could chop both feet off :/ .......this pain (when my foots gone as i call it) effects how I walk and how my back posture is..which in the last 2years has resulted in a new problem....slipped disc arrgghhhh..this pain is worse then childbirth but lasts constant for a week or two..tears everyday..bucket at side of bed instead of going to toilet :( soul destroying!!

im just unsure if im working on my feet, will the PIP/DLA gods say im fine orrrr???
I don't want to sit in house and not work and let my arthritis from being a young teenager get in my way.
id just like that bit of help ie free prescriptions and parking pass so can park closer to work or free/discounted parking at hospital/doctors.

Sorry for the essay ;) just really want abit of advice


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    I can't advise on PIP but in terms of prescriptions you couod get a prepayment card, very easy to apply for on-line and costs £10.40 a month for one that lasts a year and you get two free months. Blue badge, I applied to my council for a discretionary one, had an assessment from an OT and was awarded one.
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    Hello there and welcome from me, too. You have a real problem there, don't you, as you seem to fall between two stools? Plenty of pain but not really lacking much in mobility though that mobility is very painful. I so understand the 'not sitting down because stuff's only worse when you get up' thing. I spent long periods, when my boys were little, perching on the big nursery fireguard as getting up and starting up again from a chair was just too much.

    My guess is that, in the current climate, your chances with PIP would be low. Even a Blue Badge sounds unlikely. It would be worth talking things over, though, with our Helpline people and / or Citizens Advice.