Only I could do it!!

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Well yesterday evening I was moaning that my left little finger was hurting, I hadn't looked at it properly since the afternoon just slightly red and inflamed. My husband takes a look and it's purple extremely swollen and broken!! So now I'm splinted and tapped up. Only I could ignore a broken little finger! I'm pretty sure it was because of the amount of pain meds, an injection and tablets that it didn't register with me!


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    Oh no, Bubba! Not what you needed at all!! (((())))
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    Sorry to hear that, bubbadog. I hope it recovers soon.

    No, you're not the only one. I once walked round for three days on a broken hip (It was hard graft :lol: ) and wasn't even on strong dullers – but I did curse the mild cocos for being ineffective :roll:
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    Bubba, are you sure it's broken? Did you go to A&E for an Xray to confirm your diagnosis? My concern is that you may be doing yourself more harm with a self-fixed splint because how can you tell you've set the bone correctly? You obviously have fragile bones so I hope you sought medical help. Pain-relief is necessary but to have possible levels in you that you can't feel a pain like that is not good - pain is useful feedback for things being wrong. DD
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    Yes went to A&E and saw a nurse practitioner who sent me for x-rays and I've a small break below the knuckle, so she's splinted it and strapped it. It's good they have a small injures section at my hospital so you don't have to wait long and they have Nurse Practitioners running it. I have to see my G.P in 4 weeks time to check on it. My Doctors had a load of work done it that was finished 6 months ago and now they have a small operations section mainly for vasectomies and small surgeries and they have a couple of x-ray machines and their own in-house Pharmacy!! All state of the art now.
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    bubba I hope its less painful now it has been strapped up..good that you have a small injuries department..