MTX and itching

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Hi there

I just wondered if anyone else has experienced itching whilst taking Methotrexate? The itching is so bad, all over, not just in one place and moves around all the time. One minute it can be my ear, then my leg, and then my tummy. There's nothing to show for it, so putting on cream would be no good.

This is the 3rd time I've been on MTX, in the past it has affected my liver, so my next blood test is next week. I know itching can be a sign of liver problems, so I hope it's not that.

Any ideas would be welcome.


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    You are right that itching can be a sign of liver problems. There doesn't have to be a rash. My little blue methotrexate book says I must tell my doc immediately if I have, among other things, 'yellowing of the skin or generalised itching'. I wouldn't, personally, wait until the next blood test. I'd be ringing my rheumatology helpline now.
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    I had some of the migrating itching you describe when I started MTX. It stopped after a month or so. I thought liver issue at the time but my bloodwork was fine at that time. Good luck, I hope it settles down for you.