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Hi, I've recently received a letter from my Rheumatology Department about the PREVeNT RA study.

"PREVeNT RA is a study which is funded by the Medical Research Council and Association of Pharmaceutical Industries and is being run by the University of Manchester. The study’s aims are to set up a national register of first degree relatives of patients with RA (parents, siblings and adult children).
In total 573 people have consented and 315 blood samples have been received. The University of Manchester is about to have these blood samples analysed and compared with the questionnaires to look for certain biomarkers which may be linked to RA. This may provide information to help them learn who is more likely to develop RA in the future. Results from these initial findings will be published and also used to apply for further funding for RA research.

"There is still some way to go to reach the target of 3000 participants. They are still looking for relatives aged over 30 and who do not have any inflammatory arthritis themselves. They would need to complete a questionnaire (that can be done online) and give a single blood sample at either their GP or one of the 26 clinics around the UK who are working with the University of Manchester on this study. Therefore participants don’t need to be local to Manchester in order to take part.

If you have relatives who may be able to help please contact Fiona Stirling on 0161 275 5504 or email [email protected] Relatives can register online here: "

Is Arthritis Care helping to promote this study at all?


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    Dear Kathleen,

    Thank you for you post to Helplines. I've looked into this a little and it seems that Arthritis Research UK have promoted the study - it's central to what they do. We've passed your comment to colleagues who deal with social media etc within Arthritis Care.

    I've not heard back yet - I know they are very tied up working on our new website at the moment.

    We'll come back to you when we've heard more.

    all the best

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    Thank you. :D

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