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Good evening all and welcome to, erm, me. :D

My name's Phil, and I've lived with RA for around 10 years now - I take Methotrexate, Sulfasalazine and now - Cimzia, a relatively new drug, and the nurse who delivered it to my home suggested I join you here - so here I am!

I wish I'd found you earlier, as I struggled for many years, having RA at such a (relatively) young age (If I had a pound for Everytime I've heard "you can't have arthritis, you're too young"). However, I am now at ease with my illness, work full time and plan to get married.

So, I am here both to learn about my illness but it is my hope that I can also help younger people who have the illness.

Nice to meet you all,



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    Good morning Phil, it's lovely to meet you but I am sorry you have had to find us. I have PsA (it's similar to RA but with the added bonus of psoriasis), osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. I am on a triple therapy similar to yours (my big gun is humira) and began mine at the relatively young age of 37. I am now 55 and I know exactly what you mean about the 'young' thing, far too many people associate arthritis with the elderly. My favourite is 'Oh, my Gran had that but she got better.' No, your Gran didn't have it because better doesn't exist. :wink: The youngest person I've come across on here was 18 months old and starting meth. :shock:

    I hope we can help with information and support, the Living with Arthritis board is where most hang around, it's where we deal with the drugs, appointments, the failings of those around us who just don't get it and other arthritis-related matters. I look forward to seeing your name here and there around the forum. I wish you well. DD
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    Hi Phil. It's good to have you on board. I know just what you mean about the irritation of 'too young to have arthritis' – or, at least, I used to :wink: No one says it to me now :lol: In fact, way back in the '70s or '80s a fellow young arthritic wrote a book called 'Arthritis? At Your Age?' If only it were possible to be too young for arthritis!

    Good for you for still working full time and I hope your marriage is as good as mine. 46 years now.

    We have / have had a few on cimzia but, when meds are working people tend to drift away into real life – and who can blame them? I hope you don't drift :) but I do hope the meds are kind to you.

    Please join in anywhere on any forum.
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