Failed PIP medical.

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I waited a year for my PIP medical - which I attended last week.
The medical took less than 40 minutes
Today I received the report which stated I received zero on ALL counts.

A brief history I am in the support group of ESA for depression I am 57.

I also receive treatment for RA which is mainly in my hands, wrists, knees and ankles, but I do get pain in my lower back and right hip sometimes.
I had x-rays on my hands, and knees so there is proof.
I also have swollen fingers, and those little lumps on the top joint of my fingers.

I try to keep my hands (well all of me as mobile as possible) but there are days I struggle, and my hands do seem to get more swollen after using them.

Anyway, at the medical I was asked to touch each finger, which I did, grasp the hands of the person who did my medical, plus some other head to the left, head to the right, head down and so on.

I was not asked if I can open jars (which I can't) I said I cannot open bags, or ring pulls, (I will not go into any great detail) just to say this does not seem to have been listened to.
I also said that I drop things, as most of the swelling is in my two middle fingers, they often feel very stiff and whilst I can touch the same finger on opposite hands, (which I was asked to do) they are not that flexible on their own.

What I wanted to ask was, is it possible to ascertain a persons disability by getting them to touch each of their own opposite fingers, and squeeze another persons hand to gauge strength.

I feel very upset that after waiting 12 months someone has taken a snap shot of my ailments and deemed me not suitable for PIP.

A few days before my medical I had fallen over, I showed them the bruise on my arm, and my nose was/is also scabbed over.
None of this seems to have been noted.
I said the reason I fall is because I misjudge how high I have lifted my feet, which sometimes causes me to trip over things.

Any help guidance would be appreciated as I am lost and struggling over this.
Thank You


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    Hi there, pinkdog, and welcome to the forum :)

    I know very little about benefit assessments but you state initially that you are “in the support group of ESA for depression”. Might it be that you have only been referred for depression and not for any of your physical difficulties? If so, they might well not take them into account. (Did they have access to the report on your x-rays?)

    What medication do you take for your RA? Are they aware of it?

    I don't really see how they could take into account your fall and bruises however painful. Anyone can fall with or without arthritis. Did they watch you walking? (It's difficult, isn't it :roll: I have to watch where I'm putting my feet all the time.)

    It's certainly possible to test strength / weakness by asking someone “to touch each of their own opposite fingers, and squeeze another persons hand” as docs and physios have often asked me to do that but I don't know how that is used in an assessment. On a purely practical level, I'd be unable to open any jars or cans without my electric openers. If you don't have any they would be well worth buying.. Ring pulls will usually go through an electric can opener. Bags? I don't understand. What bags?

    I think Citizens Advice would probably be the best people to help you though you might find it useful to ring our own Helpline people. Good luck :)

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