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That's key as in the sort that goes in locks! Does anyone have any good ideas for making it easier to turn the 'chubb' style keys? Our locks aren't stiff but the turning action makes the back of my hand painful.

Thanks to stickywicket for the suggestion re a thermoplastic splint for my thumbs - I already have one, recommended by my physio, which an OT made for me. It's a big help for things like using scissors or secateurs. I also have soft neoprene ones for 'general duties'. Still adjusting to not being able to do too much at a time, but it's getting easier mentally. Reading your difficulties makes me realise how lucky I am!


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    You can buy key turners. I used them for a bit but they are quite bulky, though they help. You should be able to get some from your council's occupational therapy department but that might take a while.
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    I have the sort of key turner that I think Salamander is describing for my Yale door key and find the bulkiness an asset as it's so easy to grip. In my driving days I used one for my car key too. I'm not sure whether or not a Chubb key would fit in one but they are so cheap (any disability shop - even Amazon) you could buy one and see.

    Alternatively, as Chubb keys tend to have a largeish hole, why not just keep a small screwdriver to hand? Anything that can be shoved through the hole to act as a lever should do it.
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    Also make sure your locks are well oiled x
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    Using a lever is a great idea - why didn't I think of it?! I had assumed the key turners would only fit a yale key as that's what is shown in the photos but I'll give that a try too. Thank you.