exhausted after moving home

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Hi folks, sorry I haven't posted for several weeks but after moving home 3 weeks ago I have only just got my broadband working. I've got to say that this was the hardest move I've ever had and that includes moving to and from Cyprus. I have been totally exhausted and having horrendous pain I think that I am going to have to ask my new doctor to refer me to an ortho person as I am having to take the maximum pain dullers to even get through the day and hopefully manage to sleep. Our lovely son had treated us to a nights stay in a beautiful hotel in Harrogate this weekend. We had a day in York then drove over to our hotel and stayed the night and then had a few hours in Harrogate before coming home yesterday. Luckily my other half did all the driving and I just slept!
I'm really proud of my youngest daughter as she has just landed her dream job (she will be the youngest on the team at 24) so we had the family over this afternoon to celebrate with champagne and canapes. I would normally cook a full dinner for 12 but as I now only have a small kitchen and table I couldn't seat them all and quite frankly I really don't feel up to it anyway. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves though and when they left everything went in the dishwasher as there were no big pans to wash, so result!


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    Well done on getting through it and congratulations to your daughter.
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    You are bound to feel exhausted......my last move was before my OA got really bad and that move was awful......never again :shock:
    What a lovely son :D
    The small kitchen is the perfect excuse for not being inundated with family all at the same time :wink:
    The dishwasher.....that's a blessing.....Mine is called Peter :lol:
    Rest as much as you can
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    Mine is called "hey you" . Mig
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    Of course you are exhausted. I feel exhausted at the mere thought of it :lol: But it's all done and dusted now. You can find homes for everything slowly over the next 12 months :wink:

    Hileena - I must be half-asleep still. My first thought was that you'd named your dishwasher after your husband :lol:
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    Wow I'm surprised you made it through the evening! Well I hope you get to have a rest this week as I think you will need it!! Well done on getting through it.
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    Moving house is exhausting for the fit & healthy, never mind those in the same boat as us.

    Congratulations to your daughter, and well done your son.