Unwell hubby - suspected vit d defeciency.

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Hi folks,
Hope you all are in well health and those who are not, May god bless them soon!!

Well, this has nothing to do with my OA. My hubby is prediabetic, when we checked 6 months back. He continued his routine after diagnosis, no change in diet, anyway he doesn’t have sweet tooth like me.
But off let, he has been really lethargic, constantly complaining about muscle pain, fatigue and headache. It is not workload, I am sure, especially when he complains about fatigue first thing in the morning. He is a non smoker. We follow nutritious diet (not much junk food) and he goes to gym regularly. No family history of diabetes. We have scheduled an appointment for the next week, where probably he will be doing his blood work again for sugar check.

However, all these symptoms, sounds to me are of vitamin D deficiency. I am thinking to start with vitamin D supplement, can anybody suggest me dose to start with mild deficiency adult? Also how long it will take to notice any difference. Any tips or suggestions of what it could be, if not vitamin D deficiency?



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    Self-diagnosis is a tempting but dangerous thing. I started a thread relatively recently about Vit D deficiency after a friend ended up in hospital. He'd had bad stomach pains and finally a fit. (He doesn't have epilepsy.) It turned out that very low Vit D levels was the problem.

    Lots of things can cause tiredness besides Vit D deficiency and I imagine it gets more complicated if your husband is pre-diabetic. I'd be inclined to do nothing until the appointment as Vit D supplements taken now might skew other results. I guess there's be no harm in upping foods rich in Vit D and iron though.
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    I would get him to visit the GP, and get all the bloods done..not sure if they do this everywhere but here in the north west we have find and treat they do all the blood test in one go..hope he can get some answers .
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    Much as we might like to think that Dr Google is a suitable replacement for a human doctor it isn't, not really. Given your husband's current health issues I suggest he goes to his GP and gives a full explanation of what is happening to him: let the GP take it from there. DD
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    Hello people,
    Thanks a lot guys, I do appreciate your honest replies.
    SW : I do understand the risk of self diagnosis. I am on vitamin D for my Osteopenia, and it has helped me a lot to stay fresh and active during my gloomy days. May be that’s the reason it is tempting to start for hubby as well :lol: . But I am still agreeing with you that it may alter results temporarily, which I don’t want at all. However, thanks for safe suggestion. Even I don’t see any harm in adding/increasing these nutrients in regular diet.

    So after thorough survey on internet 8) , now I know fishes like salmon and tuna are rich in vitamin D. To add further, iron-fortified breakfast cereals, oatmeal and bread for iron, while orange juice, milk, yogurt, cheese for vitamin D are on chart!!!