Why is it so complicated?

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Next time around I'd like a simple disease, please. You know the sort I mean. Get it, get prescription, get better. That sort. Not the sort that generously ushers in other diseases and problems and hospital procedures. (In case you hadn't twigged, I am Mrs Grumpy today and this is a whinge :mrgreen: )

I'm currently trying to get my haemoglobin levels up. It's complicated for us meat-haters as the iron from other sources isn't absorbed well if you also have tea (Oh gallons of it :oops: though I'm supping more water instead right now) and / or dairy products (and that includes the calceos for my osteoporosis :roll: ) at the same time. (In fact, I have a strong feeling the calceos might be what's done for my haemoglobin levels – along with the RA and meth and hydroxy.)

Meal times have become more like quadratic equations than pleasure as I remember I shouldn't take (a) with (b) or within 2-3 hours of it and (c) would be better taken with (d). I've even resorted to eating meat as it makes life simpler :o

I've also remembered why I stopped eating it :shock: Aaargh, horrible stuff. Sickly sweet. I've been smothering a slice of corned beef (bland and tasteless which is better) between two slices of wholemeal and tons of spinach and beetroot. On Wednesday I managed a burnt slice of bacon (Thankfully less taste than a non-burnt one). On Thursday I went the whole hog with liver. Yuk.

Yesterday I decided enough was enough and went back to fish and a determination to see Doc Gorgeous again next week and see if I'm allowed iron tablets now that I've been good and booked my endoscopy.

If anyone so much as dares to hint that a glass of wine with a meal prevents iron being absorbed I shall not speak to them again :wink:


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    Whinge away Sticky, we all need to do that sometimes. It is complicated, and frustrating, and life does become a bit of a juggling act, and when you have to keep thinking about all the when,, and with whats etc as you say it's hard just to enjoy a meal or a nice cuppa, or a glass of wine and so we feel more aggrieved that we are missing out on yet another of life's pleasures.
    I am a meat eater and my current favourite ready meal is liver and bacon casserole so I can't come up with any brilliant ideas to help there, apart from homemade pea and spinach soup but I know trying to balance things out is difficult and that's before you add in all the meds.

    In the meantime all I can say is that I will keep my fingers crossed that your appointment with Dr Gorgeous goes well and in the meantime just remember that in terms of a glass of wine, " a little of what you fancy does you good"
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    Olives! They're relatively high in iron and a lot more enjoyable than liver :o

    I feel for you, I hate having to juggle meds and a bit of me was relieved this morning to get another injection site rash which meant no more juggling antibiotics two hours after and an hour before food.

    All round I think you would be best off taking a trip to doctor gorgeous. Surely if you plead that case and tell him how you even ate liver he'd pop some pills your way. I'm not averse to liver but as a vegetarian I can't imagine a bigger meat leap. You brave and dedicated lady.
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    Its not good ..why is all the yuk food good for you ..and all the good food bad for you...at the min I am craving eggs..I do wounder if this is the vit D in them...and before you say anything I'm not pregnant.. :shock: yes a trip to see the doc gorgeous... :) hope he can help... :)
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    You are allowed to have a whinge :lol:
    I don't eat meat or fish and no way could I.
    Its so hard juggling the iron tablets between meals {exactly as it says!!!!}
    I've given up, just take them Don't have coffee {don't drink much tea} with them or shortly after them and that's my only concession and hope for the best. Have to make an appointment for beginning of Dec for a test to see if I can come of them or need another course :( I probably will need another course :(
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    You're definitely entitled to a complaint or two, Sticky. As well as being martyrs to the ups and downs - what ups? - of RA we have to be jugglers too, plus of course we have to emulate Marvin the Memory Man to remember to take all the flipping pills.

    I think a trip to see Dr. Gorgeous is definitely on the cards. I'm fed up of iron tablets - but every time I reach the end of a packet my blood is taken and my GP prescribes another. I no longer think about tea/coffee or anything else while taking them - I just swallow them & hope for the best. I do eat meat, but the only time I ever ate liver was when I was pregnant, in the hope it would be good for the babies. Now I'm in my sixties I need never eat it again.
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    Sticky, I've long since given up asking that question sadly. I now focus on getting through one day at a time, and each day or task is broken down further. I'm trying to accept that I've probably will never have another bath, as last time I tried, the struggle I had getting out, wiped out any benefits I gained whilst in the water.
    With arthritis it does seem that at times, this disease controls and beats us. However, I'm blowed if it's going to rule everything I do.
    Go to see Dr Georgeous, at the very least you'll be trying not to dribble and that may distract you for a few moments.
    You are always so helpful to us all on here but rarely ask for support for yourself. Don't forget about you.
    Take care,
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    Hello Sticky
    yes i have that problem with iron tabs and a acid i like liver but the doctor says i need iron tabs.
    life can be complicated cant it.
    joan xx
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    If anyone is entitled to a whinge it is you(if that's what you call a whinge) let's hope Dr gorgeous can sort you out next week xx
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    Fingers crossed that Dr Gorgeous is able to sort things out for you next week, Sticky. Take care of yourself.

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    Of course it's complicated, why on earth wouldn't it be? :? We do have to juggle far too many things whilst negotiating our narrow tightropes, whilst those who only have to keep one ball moving as they stroll along a yard-wide plank groan and moan about the general unfairness of life. Twerps.

    If anyone can rise to this challenge it's you: you're redoubtable, stoic and won't let anything beat you (as evidenced by eating the liver although minus the Chianti and fava beans). DD
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    So – it's wine and olives, then? I know why I like you people :D The olives are, alas, full of salt which is bad for my osteoporosis so I guess I'll just have to double up with the wine instead :wink:

    Seriously, it's the complexity that's so difficult especially when coupled with the occasional facile 'solution', even on here, that grates. My haemoglobin needs and my calcium needs seem to be slugging it out with me as battleground. I have decided on simplicity. I shall have one iron-rich meal per day, either horrible meat or nice-but-demanding-thought non-meat. That apart, I shall eat and drink normally. Lunch today consisted of a 'two boiled eggs' sandwich without the mayo and washed down with fruit juice. I had no tea or coffee for 3 hours before and I'm just swilling water with some prunes. The rest of the day will be normal ie there will be small amounts of iron in the fish, sprouts, cauli and spuds – and wine :D - but they will be followed by a big mug of tea and my second calceo. Plus I'll try to get those iron tabs off Doc G. this week as my endoscopy isn't until 15th Dec.

    Thank you all for your kind, understanding words.

    (DD – 'stoic'? Possibly. You had to be on our school special :lol: 'Redoubtable'? Maybe in the 'fearsome' sense :wink: But I'd make a rubbish Hannibal Lector)
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    Sometimes we just cannot win and I reckon that this is one of those times for you. Whatever we do is wrong for one reason or another but we cannot just sit back and do nothing. For what it's worth I think your plan is laudable and I hope it works. DD
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    If you got some reduced salt baked beans and some fortified bread, cooked the beans and added low salt cheese to them then would that be calcium, iron (from the beans) and no meat in a low effort or thought about meal?

    I suspect it might be a case of 'can you splve anaemia with diet?' Probably not, message me if you want to know more... so let's hope Doc Gorgeous obliges me with pills.
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    Sticky you & I should stick together what with you trying to find foods suited to you and my trying to find food for me! S*d it how about a couple of glasses of mulled wine seeing as it's nearly Christmas!! Hope your Dr Gorgeous can help and mine can help me!!
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    Sticky, I am most disappointed in you because that was not a whinge. You need to take lessons from the master....I am going to post a whinge in a moment.

    Why is it complicated? Well, nothing easy is worth having. :wink: Seriously though, managing diet and health can be such a tricky balance. As humans, we derive such pleasure from food and it's a social nicety as well as sustenance, so it can be very perplexing when our bodies and our brain cravings don't tally.

    Keep on trucking! By the way, I am jealous of your Dr Gorgeous. We have one at our GP surgery but he is always fully booked, wonder why!!
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    LV – you are very wicked, which is probably why I like you :wink:

    Bubbadog – I think mulled wine with tripe is probably the perfect solution :D

    Just in case it's not, I've booked in for tomorrow. Alas, not with Doc G. as word seems to have spread and he's fully booked until next week. ( :mrgreen: I saw him first.) As a precaution I shall eat liver again tonight, beg for another blood test and hope to prove that, if I've managed to raise my iron levels by diet alone, surely all I need is iron tabs not an endoscopy. That's the plan. Watch this space.

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