Pantalar ankle fusion

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I have just started weight bearing 6 weeks after having corrective surgery on my deformed ankle which included a pantalar fusion. Cause being long term RA. I have searched the Internet and have been unable to find any feedback from anyone who has had such a fusion and how it affected them. Added to that I have had to cope with weak upper body strength.
If anyone has had such a fusion or would like to hear how the NHS has positively coped with me being a square in a round hole please post a reply.


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    If you put 'ankle fusion' into the red/pink search box higher up the page a few old threads come up. I'm afraid that's the best I can do. Mine have fused themselves :roll:
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    Hi quercus

    I haven't had a fusion myself but ankle replacement.However during this time one or two others did have fusions,this was in 2011.
    There should be threads on this.

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    Hi quercus ,
    you mentioned before that you were thinking of having a Tibiotalocalcaneal fusion done , is this what they did , there has been a few with the main ankle joint fused & several of us with the lower ankle joints fused

    I have had both lower joints done & need both main ankle joints done at some time , six weeks total non weight bearing & then in a airboot for up to six months was what I had for the last opperation

    I am interested how you are coping after having this opperation , some on here have had replacement joints but dont think this is a option if you got problems with the heel joints
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    Dear Trepolpen the operations are the same. In my case the talus had already naturally fused to the calcaneus? so my ankle was stiff. It was the other joints in the ankle which were causing the severe pain. The only option was to stop any movement in the whole ankle, using a nail.