RIP Phil Hughes

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63 not out forever more. What a tragedy.


  • mig
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    So sad,condolences to his family and the world of cricket. Mig
  • dreamdaisy
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    I feel for his family, it would appear that he was a pleasant lad, well-liked and popular. I also feel for the bowler - it was a genuine accident but he must feel wretched. :( DD
  • dachshund
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    so sad i feel for his family. he was doing what he loved doing.
  • stickywicket
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    Indeed he was, Joan, and I think, ultimately, that will be a consolation. But, right now, it's a very talented, much-loved life cut short. At 25, he was already an international cricketer who had shared in a world record 10th-wicket partnership of 163 with Ashton Agar against England in the 2013 Ashes series and still had much to give.

    Cricket is a dangerous sport, usually far removed from the gentle images of Pimms on the village green, but, when hardened Aussie commentators and Australia captain Michael Clarke break down on air you know this was indeed a freak accident which has reverberated round the cricketing world.

    Yes, DD, it's a tragedy not only for Phil Hughes and his family but also for young 22yr old Sean Abbott, the bowler. How do you recover from that?
  • LignumVitae
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    You probably never bowl again and if you do you probably never do so with the same competitive desire to get a man out. It was a freak accident (only ever happened once before during a game of cricket) and it was entirely not his fault but he mustn't be thinking along those lines right now.
  • barbara12
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    So very very sad, and so shocking to think he was killed playing heart goes out to his family and friends....
  • theresak
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    Truly a very tragic event, for a talented young man to walk out to play his innings, and lose his life to such a freak accident. His family & colleagues must be devastated. As for the poor bowler - how will he ever find peace of mind? I feel so sorry for him too. Helmets were supposed to make batsmen safer, & we have come a long way since the likes of Hall & Griffiths, but this was just an awful, terrible accident.
  • GraceB
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    So sad for his family. I understand his mother and sister were watching him play when it happened. Must have been awful for them.

    When you lose a young family member it doesn't make sense, and I speak from experience sadly.

    I hope that his family support each other through this very sad time. Also that everyone who was on the pitch playing at the time has help to try and come to terms with this.


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