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Well I was meant to have my injection delivered ASAP after my doctor sent off a new prescription. I had a phone call off HaH the very next day to tell me they had got the new prescription but some how someone had forgot to fill in the paper work correctly at my hospital and left the box blank meaning the prescription has 0 injections left to dispense before renewal.

That was sorted the same day after the helpful lady called me back a couple of times in between trying to contact my hospital. She arranged for it to be sent out the next day between 8 and 12. A driver turned up and I got all excited thinking today will be a good day now I can take my medication....Well something went wrong somewhere as he was under the impression that I had an item to hand for him that was for collection. Both of us were confused so he called his manager to double check and they confirmed I was down for collection so he left.

I phone HaH as soon as the driver left and it turns out they have now some how had a "system error" and lost my most recent prescription. They won't be able to get hold of my doctor now until Monday which has made me rather angry after waiting so long for this medication. I do think its probably a genuine system error or a mistake on someones behalf, these things happen I guess I just wish it wasn't me who had to deal with it this time round. Hopefully I will get something delivered to me Tuesday


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    I expect it will go down as 'computer error' even though computers only usually make the errors that are programmed into them :roll:

    Better luck next week.
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    Welcome to what used to be my world (and may become so again). This has been par for the course with HaH but in my area they are now better organised - it's taken them the best part of a year to become so and I suspect it won't be that hard for them to slip back into their old ways. I hope you get it sorted soon. DD
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    Hope you get your delivery sorted out soon As x
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    Arrrgh, just what you don't need right now. In my neck of the woods, they've improved but there are still some glitches. Please do make a formal complaint because they can't address it higher up if they don't know what's happening on the ground.

    Fingers crossed for Tuesday's successful delivery.
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    HaH service was fantastic for me up until now. Hopefully it's just a one off as these things do happen or in HaH's case they seem to happen more often than they should.....lets just hope this really is a one off and can be sorted ASAP.