forthcoming Hip replacement and scared.

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Hi I am very scared as I have Anxiety but have to have a hip replacement in march. Dreading this, as I am a carer for my Husband as he has chronic OA of Lumbar spine, hips & knees , and is deaf & severely sighted. I am on distalgesic through Gp. Meanwhile Hubby has been on all sorts Robaxin, Zydol, tylex each day for over 24 years, with out a break. please advise. Sorry to moan but I am terrified . regards Amandah


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    Dear Amandah
    Thank you for your posting Amandah. I am sorry to hear that this has made you so fearful. It is anxiety provoking to know that you are to have a medical procedure to undergo and I understand that this has increased your anxiety even more. On top of this, you are a carer for your husband. It sounds as if you are worried about both the procedure and about what will happen in terms of your caring for your husband.
    It may help to talk all these issues through with us here on the helpline. We can talk to you in confidence. Our telephone number is 0808 800 4050 (10am – 4pm weekdays).
    Have you spoken to your consultant and / or GP about your concerns and how much your anxiety is affecting you? They may be able to help with some of your worries. I have attached a link to information that talks about hip replacement surgery and what to expect. You can access this on the link it contains information around preparation for the surgery, what to expect and recovery.
    There is lots of information on respite from being a carer on the NHS Choices website on the link
    This gives information about getting a carer's break and the different types of break available and how you access these.
    You may also contact Carer's UK who have a helpline on the number 0808 808 7777 and should be able to talk to you about practical support.
    It also sounds from your posting, that you are concerned about the medication your husband is taking. We are not medically trained so would say to you to talk to his GP about your concerns. There is information in our booklet ‘Living with osteoarthritis’ that may help with managing his arthritis. You can access this on the link
    I hope that this information is of some help and can give you a starting point of how to access support for yourself. Once again I would encourage you to call us. We are here to talk things through.
    Best Wishes
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    Hello, I am an ordinary forum member and can understand your concerns. Please post again on LWA (where you introduced yourself and your husband) about this because I know of one or two who were equally worried but went ahead - and are feeling much better. You have a great deal to organise etc. but help is out there and should be given. Take care. DD
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