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I'm new here and just wanted some opinions. A few people have told me to try a natural supplement to help with pain relief. I'm not good taking tablets so someone suggested Litozin+ to me as it also comes in sachet form and it looks like I only need one a day. Does anyone have any experience of this?


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    Hello, it's nice to meet you but, from the tone of your post, I suspect we may not be of much help. :( As you've joined it would appear that you have some form of arthritis, is it an auto-immune or osteo? Or maybe both? DD
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    Hi there. I've no experience of it but a spot of googling reveals it's simply Vit C in high doses. I suggest you save your money and eat fruit and veg instead. They will do no harm but, if you have arthritis, you'll also need to get used to swallowing meds. Practice makes perfect :wink:
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