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My first time at the Rheumatologists, wow she was thorough! Physical exam resulted in her focusing on my back and pelvis, she wasnt overly concerned about my hands or feet, but stated there was wear and tear there. Asked me loads of questions, got about 8 different blood tests done, back and pelvis x-ray and put forward to get a MRI. I have tennis elbow from carrying a heavy bag at work, thats what she thinks as the pain radiates from my elbow to wrist, said my own doc will probably refer me to physio.

All in all i feel so much better mentally, i was worried she was gonna say oh my god you are so so ill with XYZ, or say its all in my head :oops: But its good that she did a proper load of tests, just need to wait for the results, if i need the MRI ill get the appointment in the post and same if i need to go back to see her. She did recommend my doc changed the anti depressants im on so that i get a better quality sleep as this can cause extra pain, that and doing shift work.

I did take a friend with me, and had a proper note of things to tell the doc, so thanks for your advice on that!


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    I'm glad you had a good appointment Loula. Whatever the tests show you will know you're being treated for the right thing - which is important :xmas_lol:
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    That sounds like a really good appointment, hope you don't have to wait too long to get your test results
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    Hi Loula,

    Glad to hear that it was a good and positive appointment. Hope you hear the results soon.

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    Right, wear and tear is the classic term for osteoarthritis (which doesn't come under a rheumatologist's remit) so let's hope the other tests reveal what else is happening with you. Please let us know when you get the results and what the next step will be. DD
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    I'm pleased you had a good appointment - as you say, the rheumy seems to have been thorough. I hope you don't have to wait too long for results, or the MRI.
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    Glad you got through your 1st Rhummey apt! Just got to wait for results and MRI appt. So enjoy your Christmas! :cheesygrin:
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    Pleased it all went well, Loula. It sounds as though she was very thorough and hope you don't have to wait too long for the results. Take care of yourself and have a lovely Christmas.


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