Helpful GP appointment and something to celebrate

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Saw my lovely GP this morning and although I did get a bit teary it was a postive appointment. He explained my neuro diagnosis, a very wordy letter had arrived from the consultant which had thrown me and I still felt she was saying my mobility and left side weakness problems were somehow my fault/not real.
He explained my problems are real, and not my fault. He feels that it was triggered by my neck problem, and for some reason this triggered my brain into blocking the signals to and from my left side. He felt that I wouldn't benefit from psychotherapy and I'm happy with this. I feel he knows me and how hard I have worked over the past few months and I trust him. He did make the referral to OT, and felt that a working day of 8.30-3.30 was all I can reasonably be expected to manage/cope with. He also wants to see me again in 4 weeks time to see how I'm doing emotionally as much as anything else.

And, tomorrow I will have completed my first half-term of full-time work since April last year which is something to celebrate.

Put my fairy lights on Fred and Ginger today for the end of term parties. The response from year 6 was that it was "wicked" and "epic"! I'll take that.


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    Sounds like a good appointment, Slosh. Enjoy your Christmas break, you deserve it!

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    I'm really pleased you had a fruitful appointment Slosh. It's so good to have a GP you can trust.

    That's lovely of the kids to make such positive comments on Fred and Ginger.

    Enjoy your end of term celebrations and make the most of your Christmas holidays.
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    Oh Slosh, that sounds really helpful and reassuring. A bit of an early Christmas oresent - or at least a stocking filler. Time for a good relax unless you have reason to get those lights going and head out to parties. I'm on duvet parties as far as possible for the next few days and CBeebies on an iPad makes that possible for at least some of the time
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    Well done, first of all, on completing your first half term of full time work. We all know how difficult it has been for you and all the odds you've had to battle. That's some achievement, Slosh.

    I'm glad your appointment went well.That sort of thing helps so much.
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    Well done getting through your 1st half term! I know it's been hard. It's good you have a good relationship with your G.P, I have a great relationship with my G.P.
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    Thank you all and Happy Christmas :hoho:
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    Slosh, please accept my apologies for missing your thread - it's most unlike me and I am sorry. :oops:

    I think you are fortunate with your GP and long may that positive relationship last. He does know you and can appreciate all the efforts and progress you have made (when one is in the middle of it all that is harder to judge) and I think he is quite right in thinking about your working hours: I know you want to do more but that way lies a quicker burn-out and we don't want that. Now is the time to get your feet up, rest over the festive season as much as you can but - most importantly - enjoy yourself.

    Have a lovely Christmas - that is Dr DD's prescription for you. :xmas_smile:
  • Slosh
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    DD, no need to apologise. I was actually very relieved with what he said about my working hours as I feel it has taken some pressure off me in terms of feeling that I am expected to do more.

    I do really appreciate that I have such a good GP, one that listens and that I can talk too.

    I am gradually decorating my tree today and just taking things easy.

    Hope you have a good Christmas

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