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So I've just taken delivery of my Cimzia, Nurse is coming Monday for the training. Is anyone else taking this and how do you find it?

Thanks :cheesygrin:


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    You may need to do a search on here for answers to that - the forum is very quiet at the moment and the right people to answer may not be around. DD
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    Hello kazziwaz,

    I was on cimzia for about 6 months. It's the only medication I've tried in 5 years that put me into clinical remission and gave me a wonderful quality of life. Unfortunately, I ended up coming off it due another (non RA related) health problem which was very disappointing.

    Remember though, we are all unique individuals and respond in different ways. I'm not sure if you've been told but for the first 2 weeks, you take loading doses of 2 injections instead of 1. This made me a bit tired but once I rode through that, I had no side effects.

    Wishing you the best of luck. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have...if I can!
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    Good luck, I hope this drug works for you. One thing I have learnt from experience is to not expect a huge change overnight after taking the medication.

    Do you know who are supplying the home training? When I started Simponi a nurse from the drug company MSD came and although I was used to self injecting as I had been doing it for 10+ years she was still very useful to have come and visit because she knew far more about the drug than the nurses and doctors at my hospital. So I suggest if you have any questions to note them down and ask her. I'm not sure if its the same for Cimzia but I was given a 24 hour helpline where I could talk to a nurse who deals with my drug. That number has come in much more handy than my local hospital number simply because they answer the phone and actually have answers when they are needed.
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    Fingers crossed that it works for you :) I tried it for 6 months but it didn't really help but that's because my body is very treatment resistant :)

    I think if I remember correctly, it can take up to 3 months for it to become entirely effective (though I may be wrong!) so be sure to give it time :)
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    Sorry, I have no experience of this drug, but just wanted to say I hope it works for you.

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