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Community Network who have worked with Arthritis Care in setting
up the Chat4Change programme have set up a website to help and
support and be there for those of us who are lonely or alone this
Christmas. To log on and/or become a member go to communitynetwork.org-lonelinessforum and follow the leads.


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    Thank you for sharing, ichabod. This time of year can be very lonely for some people. I'm at home with my immediate family and will be popping online to chat with anyone who fancies a friendly ear.
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    That's a nice thought ichabod, in among all the more excessive christmassy-ness of the season, thanks for thinking to post it for folks who mightn't know about it. All the best for over the holidays.
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    Thanks Ichabod
    I hope you all have a great Christmas at yours
    Toni xxx :presents:
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    Thankyou for the info..Ichabod..its nice to know they are there...hope you have had a good Christmas ..x
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    Thank you for your posts, ladies.
    If this succeeds, and it only needs a few people to log on,
    it will continue after Christmas and as far as possible into
    the future. Loneliness can happen to any one and all these
    forums run by Arthritis Care, Age UK, Community Network,
    Silvercircle and other organisations help to support, comfort
    and relieve those of us who are lonely.
    I have a large family and we will all be together today, but there
    are times when loneliness belts me, just like arthritis does.

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