Welcoming new members - please read this first

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Welcome to the Arthritis Care Forum from all the Moderation Team. We are volunteers and we each live with arthritis. If you have any questions let us know and we will try to help you become familiar with the forum.

New members often post here on Say Hello first, please start a new thread each time, then be brave and respond to any posts in any of the public forums where you will find a friendly, diverse group of members who will listen and offer support, advice and encouragement as well as chat and distraction from your cares and woes. It's easy to begin a new thread when you are ready, click on the new topic button at the top of the list of threads. Give as much information as you feel comfortable with, but never post your contact details in the forum, and think carefully before sharing such information by 'pm' or private message

Your first 2 posts will not immediately appear on the forum, instead they go into 'moderation', a place where a moderator will read your post and either approve or disapprove it. You will get a pm - personal message - either way. All posts from genuine new members will be approved - we moderate to remove as many 'spam' posts as we can before appear on the forum.

You will find the forum rules here
It's worth having a read of the rules before you make many posts just to get a feel of what is and isn't allowed.

Once again welcome, it's lovely to meet you, come on in!

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