Making a happiness jar

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I saw this on facebook and thought it was a great idea and worth sharing.
Each day you simply write down on a piece of paper what made you happiest that day, the idea being that even on bad days there will be something even if it is just the sun shining or a nice cuppa.
You then fold up the paper and place it in a large jar/bottle.

When you are feeling very down you go to the jar, pull out a handful of pieces of paper and use them as a reminder of what makes you happy.

A simple idea but a good one.
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    Thank you for sharing this Slosh as you say a simple idea and a very good one, it will be good to have some ideas to hand when most needed. xx
    Smile a while and while you smile
    smile another smile and soon there
    will be miles and miles of smiles
    just because you smiled I wish your
    day is full of Smiles
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    Hi Slosh
    The idea I've been given and have been doing is similar.
    I started a notebook...titled it
    Every day I write in it......things that I'm thankful for or nice things that happened.
    It can be as small as the sun shining and making you feel happy {some chance at the minute :lol: }
    Being due a free cup of coffee in Starbucks
    Little things like that bigger things.
    The idea is that when you feel down you go to that book and read through it to remind yourself of the things that have happened to you that made you happy.

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    I think it's a nice idea and surely anything that makes us focus on the positive has to be good? I'd guess that most of my highlights would consist of “Had a great natter and laugh with....” and occasionally something exceptional (“I don't care if you do have a cold, Grandma, I want to give you a hug.”) but I think I'd find it a bit depressing if, on a bad day, I looked at my 'highlights' to discover that mostly I'd been rejoicing over a cup of tea or a blue sky :lol:

    On a similar note, I used to keep a book of cuttings of things that made me laugh. There were a lot of Nancy Banks Smith TV reviews (She had me in stitches over Dallas and Dynasty. 'John Ross – a child of exceptionally indeterminate parentage...'), the estate agent who told it like it was ('one of the filthiest houses I've ever seen'), a brilliant article by a beleaguered O-level oral examiner and several cartoons. Plus some one-liners. On the front I kept a quote “ On staring out at a gloomy day first you must realise that it is the day that is gloomy, not you. If you want to be gloomy too that's OK but it's not compulsory.”
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    What lovely ideas, I do make list of positive things but just throw them now I will keep them..and I have a big popcorn jar...hopefully I will fill it this year :xmas_smile:
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    My sister 'made' one of these for my Mum after my Dad died to try to help.

    We she died 4 years later (my Mum) I read them all and it was lovely :)

    I think anything that makes us think positive thoughts is good :cheesygrin:


    Toni xxx