Methotrexate and the Flu

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I have the flu at the moment and have been advised not to inject methotrexate using my metoject pen but leave it a week. Should I still take folic acid or do I leave this also for a week?

Please can you advise


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    Hi, I'm not a member of the Helpline team, just an ordinary forum member but I've taken meth for 14 years. The amount of folic acid prescribed varies enormously. I've always had two per week (Fri and Mon). If I've stopped my meth for just a week I tend to carry on taking the F.A. but if for longer I stop it.

    To be honest, the important thing is not so much the folic acid but the flu. We should always have the flu jab as we can get any illness worse than those whose immune systems are not supressed. Prevention is much easier than cure so I get mine in October each year and also am vary careful about hand hygiene (anti-bac wipes and gel) and am no longer embarassed to tell those with colds etc to stay away from me :D

    I hope you feel better soon.
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    Hi TeddyBibby,

    I'm sorry to hear that you are poorly at the moment. I think as folic acid is a not a medication, you may have a bit of freedom on this one. The key point will be to make sure that you continue the folic acid once you are back on the methotrexate.

    Strictly on Helplines we can't give medical advice, but folic acid isn't a drug it's a food supplement that happens to have a beneficial effect for people who are taking methotrexate.

    Questions about starting or stopping drugs would need to be put to your rheumatology nurse.

    Kind regards