ESA form on its way

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I've had a letter informing me to expect a phone call and then a form to move from SDA to ESA.

Having looked at the Internet all I see are horror stories which have me worried.

Have severe RA, pain etc from damage done before the likes of Anti-TNF etc which means the joints that have not been replaced are in a right state (knackered was one term used by a surgeon) meaning while I can do things I can only do them once or twice a day or for a few minutes before suffering for a time. I use a manual wheelchair (can walk short distances, I.e. Around the house, very flat ground but no more) but cannot power it myself because of my painful and weak shoulders.

I'm wondering what to ask during the phone call. I see lots about medical evidence...all I have ever had like that is a 16 year old driving ability assessment which is lurking somewhere I think but Im worse now, and a couple of surgeons letters which make mention only of hips and knees which are the least of the problems I have. I don't even have repeat prescription because it's all done by the pharmacist automatically. I have a couple of appointment letters and my enbrel alert card and methotrexate (starting this week) booklet. I also have a relatively new GP and a new replacement Rheumatologist.

I see the form says not to see the GP?

Basically looking for advice on what to expect and what can I do to make this as easy and stress free as possible because I'm worrying about it.

My head tells me I may be able to do something (I'd like to be able to do something) but my body just won't cooperate! If I managed to try and work if I went into the WRAG but couldn't manage it what would happen?

Sorry for the ramble.


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    Hi Dizzy

    Welcome to the Arthritis Care message boards. We are a friendly group with lots of experience in Living with arthritis and its daily complications.

    If you need any technical help in posting, do just ask :)

    All best wishes
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    Hello Dizzy and welcome to the forum :)

    I can well understand your fears and frustratios. I, too, have los of damage sone pre-DMARDS and my replaced knees and hips are the least of my worries too. Fortunately I'm now old (68) so PIP holds no fears for me but it certainly scares many on here.

    I can only suggest two things:

    1. Read up on other people's experiences on here and....

    2.....enlist the aid of CAB. They are, I understand, very good at this sort of thing.

    Good luck :D
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    Just bumping this to ask if anyone knows if it's worth a family member writing a letter explaining how my arthritis affects my life, to go alongside (hopefully) a consultants letter, to send with my ESA50 form?

    I know it's not a 'medical' opinion but it's someone who knows me best. Would they take any notice or would it just be 'thrown away'.
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    I have no idea if it would be considered but there's no harm in having one written, is there? DD
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    Thanks, you're right, it can't hurt.

    My mum is my carer as well as family so who knows my limitations better :)