Anne Kirkbride has died

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Rest in peace Anne a good actress who has been through a lot of pain.
very sad for her husband and family and friends
joan xx


  • mig
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    Sad news ,coro won't be the same. Mig
  • barbara12
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    Its very sad news Joan..she has been in corrie for over 40 years..and yes she has suffered in her life.. only 60 heart goes out to her husband..RIP
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    I don't know this lady as we never watch soaps, but it is so very sad.
    What with Linda Bellingham and now Miss Kirkbride both so young.
    Very sad.
  • Kitty
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    Loved Deirdre, she will be missed by all the cast and fans. RIP Anne. xx
  • GraceB
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    I saw this on the internet at 1am this morning (couldn't sleep).

    Such a sad loss not only, and most importantly, to her family but also to all her colleagues on Corrie, some of whom knew her a long time.

    Cancer is a horrible disease and usually fought with courage, strength and determination and I'm sure she was no different. Sadly the cancer won the battle.

    Rest in Peace Anne, the character of Deirdre Barlow will always be on film for people to see.

  • dreamdaisy
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    I admit that I have never watched a full episode of 'Corrie' but I can see her face, I can hear her wonderful voice and as for the specs: well, they were so completely and utterly Deirdre. Corrie has the best theme tune ever and that is not open to debate. End of.

    It's easy to dismiss the hold that 'soaps' may have on people but they contain some hidden gems in the acting profession: I hope that Bill Treacher was acknowledged for the acting skill he portrayed in EastEnders with his character's nervous breakdown, Anne Kirkbride is another example: they spent so many years being another person to entertain others and to good effect: soap operas can be daring and many are, thanks to the lead provided by Corrie and Eastenders. DD