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Hello, my names Katie nearly 17, been on humira since 23rd December 2013, diagnosed with sacroiliitis arthritis in 2013 after multiple hospital visits. So essentially have had it 5 years nearly now. My most recent symptom is migraines so i`m off school today again. I'm in lower sixth year and have missed so much school this year which is not good as I want to do nursing and need my grades to do that. I can't remember the last time I had a full week at school.I try but it's just one infection after another and humira does not seem to be the the miracle cure for me as it has been for other people. I`m fed up with missing school, missing nights out, no longer able to take part in sports etc which I loved and I know my friends can't understand what I'm dealing with so I try not to talk about it with them.
I was persuaded to join this forum by my mother she thinks it would be good for me to talk with young people who have an understanding of this illness and therefore more in touch with my daily challenges. I live in Derry city and as yet have not met anyone around my age with this condition hopefuly I will meet some here.
Thanks for your time .

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Welcome to the forum. As your mother says there are others on here that were diagnosed with arthritis at a young age.

If you have any problems please message one of the moderators who willk give you an answer or direct you to the right topic or place on this forum.

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    Hello Katie. I saw your post yesterday but didn't reply as I'm nowhere near your age though I was first diagnosed at 15 (RA) so I can relate to the problems of getting to school when you have arthritis. It's also not fun missing out on all the stuff you used to enjoy doing and, no, friends don't really understand though there's a thing on the net called The Spoon Theory which is a good way of helping people to see where you're at without banging on about it all the time.

    As you'll see, from other posts on here, young people tend to come and go a lot. My guess is that more go to Arthritis Care on Facebook so it might be worth a try. Or you could ring the Helplines and ask them how best to connect with other young people who have arthritis.

    We have several people on here, myself included, who have (albeit with a struggle) managed school and university. Your experiences should help you to become a very good nurse. I wish you the best of luck.
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