carers allowance going up by 75p

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Wow big deal, I say . Yipppeee !! We are so lucky to be getting another 75 p !!! Its so wrong as being a carer , we have to work long hours. Sorry to moan. Regards Amandah


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    Others too work long hours to pay the tax that provides the increase; in many cases they work without rises in their income but their private costs continue to increase so their viable income dwindles. It's easy to mock at such a paltry amount but when applied to everyone who claims it's a large sum. DD
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    It's a disgrace that carers are only worth £62 pounds a week. If every carer gave up their role tomorrow, the cost to the state would be millions and millions. In order to be eligible for carers allowance, you have to care for a minimum of 35 hours per week. Why is in acceptable in a county with a legal national minimum wage to say that carers are only worth £1.77 per hour? Without family carers, social services would be funding paid carers at £15-18 per hour, depending on the individual's level of need.
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    Totally agree. However, not all carers are 'fortunate' enough to be able to claim carers allowance. I care for my severely disabled son, 24 hours a day for 25 years, and because it's means tested I can't claim carers allowance. With severe RA this is a very difficult and exhausting task, luckily I have a lovely husband (who works full time ) and 2 other children but my disability and caring constraints have absolutely and totally taken away my independence and many forms of normality ie working, shopping, nights out, friends, family etc. So yes, I totally agree we are saving the gov millions however, many carers cannot even claim carers allowance and are caring for loved ones with no financial support whatsoever for a job working 168 hours per week, with no days off, no holidays and no sick days. No wonder I'm exhausted!