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Hi, I'm new to this so forgive me if I get things wrong!!
My 15 year old son has had a possible diagnosis of poly JIA yesterday, he has had problems from being a baby but nobody could ever find anything wrong and then in 2011 my GP noticed a limp so we were referred to orthopaedics and had X-rays, MRI scan and bone scans but nothing was found apart from vitamin D deficiency. Just before Christmas 2014 he started to feel unwell and had random swellings on his elbow and knee so my GP did bloods and referred him to a paediatrian who we saw yesterday, he was so helpful and had actually printed my sons diagnosis out after just reading his hospital notes. So to today, the doctor has rang me and explained that there seems to be some bones changes to my sons elbow and he has quite a bit of fluid in the knee also his CRP is 8 but apparently in males that is classed as high even though the normal rate is under 10, does anybody know anything about this?? The paediatrician has spoken to a rheumatology consultant (adult doc but does a paeds clinic) who has said he needs to see him urgently so we now have an appointment for next week and he has also started him on high dose anti-inflammatory.
My son seems unnervingly calm about all this the doctor has explained everything to him and gave him some research to read through which he has but I'm wondering if he has really understood it all or is just not that worried??
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated
Thank you I'm advance


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    Hi lea welcome to the forum,i am so sorry your son has arthritis,you will find help and encouragement on all our forums.LWA and Chit Chat are our busiest, but it is up to you where you want to post,the main thing is that you can talk to others who are in a similar situation.
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    Hi Lea. It certainly sounds as if your son has a problem and it's good that the docs have finally cottoned on to this and are now working speedily.

    I'm not the parent of a child with arthritis but I was diagnosed myself at 15 (though it probably started when I was 11). I remember only a sense of triumph because my parents had thought I was making a lot of fuss about mere 'chilblains'. I had no idea, at 15, of the implications of the diagnosis and maybe it's the same for your son. Perhaps he's just glad there does seem to be a diagnosis in view. If he were my son (Mine are both in their 40s now with sons of their own) I'd just try to answer any questions he has while not dwelling on it all the time. It can be hard to know what any 15 yr old is thinking on any subject let alone this.

    I hope the consultation goes well. Meanwhile, encourage him to take his tablets with food as they can upset stomachs. You might find something here of interest http://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/PublicationsandResources/Youngpeopleandfamilies or just reading other parent's threads and, if we can help in any way don't hesitate to ask.
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