very hot flushes

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hi, i have been diognosed with oa, can inflamation in the body cause feelings of heat which last about 5 minutes. i am 67.


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    Hi Turky,

    Sorry to hear about these hot sensations and your arthritis diagnosis. I'm not quite sure about the hot sensations - are you not talking about warm or swollen joints? Because arthritis is usually about difficulties with joints.

    I wonder whether you'd be able to take this to your doctor and talk it over with them? Unfortunately we are not medically qualified so are not able to diagnose.

    Here's a link to our booklet about osteoarthritis:

    If you'd like us to post you an information pack about self managing arthritis do send your details to [email protected] or for a chat about things do ring our free phone 0808 800 4050 10am-4pm weekdays.

    Kind regards

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    Hello Turky, I am a forum member and can empathise with the hot flushes - I have them all the time (I'm now 55 and they began about ten years ago), the quickest occur about 30 seconds after donning a cardigan or jacket 'cos I feel a little chilly then yet again I'm drenched in sweat and grabbing a towel to mop up. :roll: I have PsA, OA plus fibromyalgia and take some medications - I don't care which is the culprit but they are a nuisance - chatting to people with sweat running down my face and my clothes sticking to me is not pleasant! DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    I was told by the family planning nurse, a few years ago, that it was menopausal hot flushes but my rheumatologist said it was the inflammation caused by the RA. As I don't feel the cold the way I used to and now have warm hands and feet when they used to be ice cold, I'm going with it being the RA.