Everything's greasy

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My beloved has decided to go on this GI Diet thing. It's all the rage down at the pub :? So he's cut out bread, cereals, pasta, pastry, potatoes and parsnips, virtually cut out all other root veg, cut down drastically on his formerly large fruit intake and now seems to be living on grease supplemented with a few greens and non-alcoholic beer and wine. Everything I wash is greasy – his plate, his pans / baking tray, dishes etc. It's very annoying.

He's cooking his own grease while I cook the reasonable bits of the meal. Bacon, eggs and cheese seem to figure highly in his meals. I'm trying to encourage him to do beans, legumes etc too but he's not keen. Tonight he's doing that thing where you take a very healthy chicken fillet then stuff it with cheese grease and wrap it in bacon grease. He'll serve it with mashed cauliflower cheese and maybe a daring carrot. I might have the remains of yesterday's lovely bean and many-veg casserole or I might chuck some veggies in with rice or pasta. No frying will be involved. I can't remember the last time I fried anything.

Did someone mention Jack Spratt and his wife?


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    Poor you, that sounds hideous and probably quite smelly in terms of residual grease cooking smells. It also sounds like something Mr LV would quite like. Personally, I'm always a bit suspicious of anything which removes fruit and veg and introduces fat/ grease into a diet.
    When I read the title of your post I wondered if my ex had moved in. He used to believe that you didnt need to wash the outside of a pan or cup/ underside of a plate because it hadn't had anything on it :roll:, inevitably, everything was greasy and I spent my days rewashing things. Consequently, I really dislike that greasy feel so I really do pity you and I'm afraid I probably wouldn't be able to tolerate it all. I'd happily join you for your dinner though, sounds delicious!
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    Oh dear - good luck to him, Sticky : it doesn`t sound like something I`d enjoy. I think I`d be suggesting he wash up his own greasy things.

    I have to own up here - I do still like, very, very occasionally, a perfectly fried egg.
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    oh ek...not good to have to keep washing greasy plates..just tell him to make sure he is easting the good fats and not saturated..think that's right :lol:
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    He's currently eating all fats. Does that make him a fattivore :lol:

    I like eggs but not so much fried ones.

    Yes, mine's not the best washer-upper in the world - and has a knack of putting things away in inaccessible (to me) places.
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    I'm reminded of Bedknobs and Broomsticks where Charlie Rawlins says 'no fried food! How do you keep your health?'

    I can understand cutting down on the starchy foods but I thought root veg and fruit were good foods?

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    Don't think I like the sound of that diet Sticky, i more or less dry fry anything or grill. lets hope it is a fad he is going through and it wont last long, you will just need to invest in some strong air freshners :wink: xx
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    Oh yuk. That sounds awful. I haven't fried anything for years. I dry fry in a non-stick pan occasionally. Hope all that grease doesn't send his cholesterol sky high. Poor you doing the washing up.
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    To be fair, the NHS doesn't condemn it outright. It merely advises people to ensure they take into account other stuff too like salt content etc.

    He's cracking a little. He had his scrambled eggs on toast yesterday. And he's eating root veg but not spuds or parsnips.
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    I'd be interested to hear how much he looses Stickywicket :)

    I love my veggies so couldn't do it. Men eh? Always looking for the easy solution :roll:
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    Just a thought Sticky but after Mr Legs' heart attack the dietician told him to only have a matchbox size of cheese a week ....he was hoping she meant Cook Size boxes but nope she meant the small ones! She was kind and suggested buying extra-mature so it tastes like your eating more!

    God bless Mr SW arteries is all I can say :shock:

    Hope he manages to lose the weight he wants to.

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    Ye gods, this diet sounds horrific but then I am someone for whom the thought of a full-English is nauseating. Diets are strange beasts because they immediately smack of deprivation which usually dooms the whole endeavour. Surely it's better to eat a little less of what you enjoy and, if able, move around a little more? Anyhoo, I wish you well in your grease-laden kitchen and hope your elbow grease is in plentiful supply. :wink: DD
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    I quite agree with you, DD, but he is a fully paid up bloke. In fact, my 'smaller plate' suggestion wasn't even taken seriously.

    Legs, I'm sure you're right but see above. As for 'more exercise' I believe he has some cat genes. He is either 'exercising' to a ridiculous degree (“You're 71!” “So?”) or asleep in an armchair.

    I'm fighting back. Yesterday he had a large salmon salad and today he will have a chicken and veg lasagne without the pasta at his end of it.