first phone call to pip

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hi ive just joined the forum i will be submitting an application for pip soon, would any one be able to tell me the type of questions pip ask during the first phone call to them , i know they will ask for my name and dob and general information to send the form out ,but do they allso get into any specific questions about my arthritis,treatments etc.,,thanks jackie.


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    Hi Jackie.

    I just wanted to welcome you to the forum. I've got RA (and OA) but I'm now of an age where the change to PIP won't affect me. I hope someone with more knowledge will come along soon but, in the meantime, is this of use? (It doesn't mention a phone call though.)
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    hi Jackie,

    I just got my award through... :D

    I applied jan 14 :shock: atos backlogs!

    As i remember it they just asked very general questions such as what was your condition (in a few words) just to check you weren't ringing up without being eligible with something temporary like a broken leg or didn't require the fast track service because you were likely to die within 6 months.

    its a very quick straightforward phone call so don't stress it.