Cavity Wall Insulation

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I've been listening to the radio and have discovered that there is something called the Wind-driven Rain Index and that there are certain areas in the UK where this procedure should not be undertaken: needless to say the Companies that supply this stuff don't take much notice of that, relying on the fact that the customer will not be aware of such a thing and that the fact they are getting it for 'free' will sway them.

For those who have had this inappropriately installed the outcome is horrendous: within weeks their inside walls are streaming in damp, growing mould and becoming a very unhealthy environment in which to live. This is due to rain being driven into the outside wall and being absorbed by the insulation, so in effect it becomes a great big sponge. The householder has no redress and has to pay for the cost of removal, which can be up to £10,000.

If you are considering having this done (and you live close to the coast anywhere in the UK) please check this index - it may save you a few thousand pounds. DD


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    Thanks for that info DD. I've just looked at a map detailing the scale of Wind Driven Rain index. Thankfully I live in an area on the border of two areas, one is 'sheltered' and the other 'moderate'. It looks from the map that it's mainly near or on the west coast where 'very severe' areas are. Here's the link in case anyone wants to see it.

    link to g***gle search. The top link is the Parex Technical information, which downloads as a PDF.
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    I looked at it too, out of interest, and it is noteworthy that all the deep blue areas are on the western side of the country. We had an assessment for another form of insulation, one which is placed on the outside of the house (we are pre-1900 brick-built, no cavity wall and rendered (or in my case, rendered almost useless :wink: )) and I am waiting to hear back from them. Our gas bills have been horrific this winter - we moved from a house with only two outside walls (a mid-terrace) to a very detached and oh boy! we can feel the difference! DD
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    Thanks for that DD. I told hubby about this & he said it would mostly be properties on the west coast.

    We had cavity wall insulation put in a few years ago via the Warm Front scheme.
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    Thanks for the info DD. We have already 'been done' so doesn't apply to us. However, I will bear this in mind for friends, family and colleagues.

    Thanks again.

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    There is also a question mark over certain bricks, a friend has just had his end wall rendered to stop problems with the rain.