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Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum & I'm really looking for a bit of information/help regarding a high tibial osteotomy. I'm due to go for the operation next Wednesday & I'm so nervous as I don't know what to expect. I'm also having a staple taken out that was put in when I was 12, it was placed on my fibular to stop it growing so my tibia could catch up but due to my condition I stopped growing. I have a condition called Schmidt metaphsyl achondroplasia which effects my back, hips, knees & ankles. My surgery is at Robert Jones Agnes Hunt in Oswestry & my surgeon is Mr Gallacher. Any help/info would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks J

Hello Kingfisher

Welcome to the forum I am sure you will find support, advice and light relief.

I am one of the moderation team, we all have one or more arthritis
conditions or look after family with the same. If you If you need help with the technicalities of the forum just get in touch via a personal message.



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    Hello Kingfisher
    And a warm welcome from me..
    If I was you I would put a post in Living with arthritis section of the forum..you will get more answers .. must say its something I haven't heard off ..but I do wish you well with it..
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    Hello, this sounds very complicated to me because I have PsA (leading to OA) and the former didn't start until I was 37. I reckon that none of us know what to expect viz. surgery but the majority of my experiences have been positive, and for that I am grateful. I agree with Barbara12, please post again on LWA because many more look in on there and you may garner some helpful replies.

    I wish you well. DD
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    Thank you, It is so complicated my brain hurts! Will move the post & fingers crossed someone can help,
    Regards J x

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