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To all my friends on here just to let you know I ham just had a phone call from a withheld number a guy apparently from microsoft who tried to tell me there were problems with illegal activity on my computers over the past few weeks which was putting viruses on our computers. i told him there were no problems with computers in my house. he still insisted and i asked him to give me the name address and telephone number of the person who he thought he was speaking to and the only one he had correct was the phone number. he also threatened to cut off all computers in our house well safe to say at the moment i am still here. so please be careful and pass this on to your friends. I believe this to be a scam.


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    Blimey Carol a definite scan there!!!

    You did well to not be sucked in :)

    I think if it happens to me I will fib and say we only have Macs!!!



    Toni xxx
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    Thank you for the heads-up in this and well done to you! I was nearly sucked into a scam towards the back-end of last year so I will be on the alert, just in case. DD
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    Thank you for the warning - forewarned is forearmed.
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    Thanks for the warning Carol..these things seem top be coming thick and fast and not just by the phone but the also the internet.. :x my neighbour has just opened a email..with the name of a person he knows and his comp has gone keep changing your email passwrod..
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    I've just had this phone call a few minutes ago. When I was told that I may have downloaded junk files etc., I said that I doubted it. He stopped talking and asked why. So I said that my husband was a computer expert - and he hung up! :roll: A small white lie here, as it's my son who is the IT consultant, but it did the trick.

    I have heard of this before, but thank you, Turbogran, for your timely warning as it made me more aware.

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    Thanks turbo. Glad that you had the sense to ask him those questions.
    That was without doubt a scam hun. I despise people like that. I wish I could get my hands on him :x :x
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    Something similar happened too me before Christmas. A woman rang and asked for me by name. I was suspicious, and she told me I had problems with windows and was downloading virus' etc. I said "why are you asking about my windows?" meaning the operating system. She laughed and said I don't mean your windows, I mean your windows computer. I said I know what you're talking about, I'm not that stupid and slammed the phone down. Only realised later that by answering that way I had confirmed who I was and that the phone number was mine. :x :x :x :x :x

    Up to now, nothing untoward has happened.
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    Well I'm still here :jheart: thanks for all your replies Kathleen did you actually say yes it was your name or give her your name if you didn't you haven't confirmed anything so do I Tony I may have parts of my body that do not work properly and I might be elderly but I am certainly not stupid my brain works well. :lol::lol:
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    Nothing untoward will happen unless you followed their instructions to give them access to your computer. They are just trying to frighten you.

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    Don't worry Elizabeth I didn't think for one minuet that anything would I usually put the phone down on them but I just felt like stringing this one along he he :lol:
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    They learn new intros all the time. I never give my phone number when I answer the phone so they can't be sure they've dialled correctly. If they say I have a problem with the computer I just say I haven't and hang up. Sometimes I say (truthfully) I have Linux which confuses them. If ever I have a problem I'll contact the appropriate person myself.
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    Thanks Carol. I've heard about this but I like to be reminded. They've not called me. Not sure if to put the phone straight down or string them along a bit first. Depends how mischievous I feel. :lol: