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We've been in York all day looking after our two grandsons. Both had some holiday homework to finish, so we 'supervised.' Jacob, 10, was happily tapping away on the computer, tracing the voyages of Sir Francis Drake - he knew far more about the computer than me.

Ethan, 8 yesterday, was completing a piece of work about a family meal, in preparation for his First Holy Communion. Having accompanied the work with a picture, he said " You can tell which ones are you and Grandad 'cos I've coloured your hair grey." I pretended to be sad, whereupon I was told, "You're still well cool, even if you're old.'

There may have been a compliment in there somewhere.


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    Oh definitely a compliment, even if a back-handed one :lol: I think 'well cool' is possibly as good as it gets when you're 8. And also remember that, when you're 8, 30 is ancient :wink:
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    You cant have a better compliment than "well cool."
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    Aww bless I never get told I'm cool from my GC they do say I'm wacky, not sure if this is a compliment...would love to be cool :lol:
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    Aw Theresa :)

    It was a compliment definitely :jheart:
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    Definitely a compliment.
    Reminds me of one of my Mum's stories about me as a young child. My Mum was 43 when I was born and when I started school was rather self conscious about this. It didn't help at my first parents day when there was a display of paintings of Mothers. She was looking at mine of her, with grey hair and lots of winkles and was not that impressed when the teacher praised it saying it showed I was very bright as it had so much detail in it!
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    Awww bless definitely a compliment Theresa xx
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    When they reach their teens I may have to learn a new language! My two sons, of course, use 'text speak,' and must consider me a dinosaur as I still prefer plain English.