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My sister has RA in her knees and a few other joints and has claimed mobility, higher rate, since it started. She has been on enbrel for years and it has worked great so she decided to contact dla and say she no longer wanted to claim mobility as her condition has gotten better. She telephoned them first and the lady told her to carry on claiming as everyone is being reassessed in the near future. Weighing on her conscience, She contacted them again and they sent her new forms which she duly filled in, stating indeed, her condition was much better although she still had some pain and difficulty, but no where near as much as on her previous forms.
Result, she was told her condition hadn't changed and was awarded mobility indefinitely......
After reading all the horror stories about people being refused dla it seems quite remarkable that she wanted to come off dla but they wouldn't let her!


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    How very refreshing to encounter such honesty!

    I can't explain the outcome but I'm thinking backlogs and age. If your sister is nearing retirement age it probably isn't worth their time and money to reassess her.

    If not - well, it's true that her diagnosis will never change though she's fortunate that her mobility has done. I wonder if they contacted her GP or consultant? I find our docs are more likely to be on our side.

    Anyway, I'm pleased for her and I guess a site such as this will always attract more bad news stories than good so this helps to redress the balance a bit :D
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