Am peeved

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I went to my little brother's wedding last week and took photos on my digital camera. Looked at them on the camera and they were okay.

Time to put them onto my laptop. Camera connected and I called the photos up. Something then went wrong as before I knew what had happened the laptop froze so had to shut down. When I got everything working again, it wouldn't reconnect to the camera. I then checked the camera and there's nothing on the card.

Can't find them on the laptop either so they've gone.

Blast, blast, and blast again.

My mum hadn't even seen these as I thought it'd be easier to show her the photos on the laptop rather than peering at a tiny camera screen.

I've had to email my brother (the groom) to see if they have any informal photos they can email me so I have something.

Issue is, I have no technical support I can call on. I'd only previously connected the camera on a couple of occasions before and I did it okay then.

This is so frustrating and annoying as I now have nothing to show mum or my work colleagues when I go back to work.




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    Such an awful shame about your photos, Grace - sounds like the sort of thing I would do, not being very 'tech savvy.'

    Is there anyone at your workplace who might be able to advise? My younger son works as an I T Consultant and I know he retrieved some christening photos lost in cyber space for a friend of his wife. I have no idea how, but someone may be able to help.

    Hope your brother can send you some.
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    Thank you. I texted my mate and she brought her 18 yr old son over. He put the card from my camera into his laptop ran a programme and my pictures came back! I now have photos on camera and the laptop. Result!

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    Pleased to hear! I once deleted some pics by accident, had I not used the card again after that I would probably have been ok, but I didn't know then things could be recovered if they haven't been overwritten. Surprising what can be got back when things haven't really 'gone'.
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    I'm pleased you got your photos back. Mine mean such a lot to me. My son's mum-in-law lost photos from her camera dating quite a few years back when our grandkids were babies. She never got them back. I dropped my camera once at the end of a holiday with my son and daughter and their kids and lost all my pics. I was gutted as no-one else had taken any.
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    When I started reading this I was so worried, but

    I am so relieved at the outcome Graceb :)



    Toni xxx
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    Oh Grace I am so pleased to read you got the pics back..very scarey when that happens..did the wedding go off ok and how are you doing, I know you had to travel quite a bit to get there..x
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    Wedding went well. Both journeys were nightmares due to traffic congestion and accidents shutting the motorway.

    See my post under 'ankle swelling' please re how I am. Thanks.

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    Really glad that you ended up getting the photos back hun. :D
    You should maybe back them up onto a disk from the laptop now?? Just in case :wink: